About Us

BusinessIT is a team of business consultants and IT specialists who are specialized in business marketing, web design, software development, business idea generation, graphics design, social media marketing etc. We help businesses to put their business entity on the web and ensure that it can be easily found via search engines and gain their target audience. Our goal is to help our clients understand and make full use of business intelligence so that they can flourish and attain their full potential. Our clients are our priority, this is the motto that drives us. Other than our various skills, we think that the core attribute of us that we can assure you is trust. Our policy is to maintain honesty in our work and safeguarding the information that you share with us with complete discretion. If you have any query we are 24/7 ready to answer you and will try our best to advice you the best way we can. Thank you for considering us!

Our Story

Business IT is the co-creation of four founders coming from diverse academic & professional backgrounds while having a shared passion about technology. Being a tech freelancer early in our careers made us realize that we cant do much good working alone, so we teamed up with a bunch of alike minded talented tech wizards, and took the name Thrive. The profound passion to do good with technology is the core vision that drives us and holds our team together. We all believe in strong work ethics, thus we do our best to reflect that belief in our work to serve our client the best. Our numerous happy & satisfied customers are the testimonial to that fact. In near future our plan is to bring together a bunch of tech products that would solve everyday problems that people face and make their life a whole lot easier. So for now, get on board with our journey, we can assure you wont regret it